WEEK 1

Week 1 – Unit 2 – Facebook/Social Media

Whether you decide to build your business traditionally or solely online or a combination of the two. Having a social media plat-form is essential to your business. Having potential customer/clients connect with you and your business through social media is a great way to build credibility, relationships, following and maintain contact. When they see what you do, and how you are doing it they will want to be a part of it. The key is to be consistent over time, provide massive value, keep it growing, and rarely sell. Also, never abandon your social media platform. You will lose everything that you have worked hard for.

You can chose any of the social media platforms that you want to work with. I will be teaching you about Facebook, this is what I use and have the most experience with.

Creating a Facebook Business Page is easy. You will need to have a personal Facebook profile to be able to create a fan/business page.

To create a business page you click on Pages on the left hand side of your Facebook profile and choose “Create Page” . Choose the type of page you would like to create. Add your page to your “Favorites” to make it easy to get to. You can skip all the other steps for now. You will come back and fill in all the information about your page.

Posting about your business and products on your personal social media pages is annoying to your family and friends and you want to grow your business past your warm market. The video link below will walk you through how to set up a Facebook business/fan page.

>>Create a Facebook Business Page Video<<