Week 1 – Unit 1 – Branding

When you start treating your network market opportunity as an actual business and not just something that you do from time to time, others will start seeing that you are serious about what you have to offer. The first step will be to establish yourself. Utilize your talents and skills and create something that you would be proud of. Be unique. You are more than just the products that you sell. If your product company were to go out of business today what would you be left with? Nothing! So, lets build something that is yours.

Branding is one of the best strategies you can utilize when you start a network marketing business. When you start treating your network marketing business like a business instead of a hobby, you will start seeing greater success. Branding yourself as professional network marketer, guru, blogger, coach, advocate, public figure, author, mom-trepreneur, etc. vs. branding yourself as your marketing company means that you can choose to build any network marketing company at any time, you are not bound by the products that you sell. Think of it this way, if your network marketing company goes out of business, you are still in business, and you have a network of people already following you and a reputation.

There are two ways to do Branding

1. Personal/Self branding where you use your name as the business and you as the expert. A you.com

2. You as the face of the company. (This looks like a business or a blog)

For Example: Self Branding Jane Doe is in the Health and Wellness Industry. She uses her name Jane Doe as her business name, website name, and all social network profiles. Her business is about Jane being the expert in health and wellness and a person you can trust. She builds this trust and loyalty from her personal stories and educating others about health and fitness.

Face of the Company John Doe is in the essential oils industry. He creates a business based around natural health. He names his business Essential Natural Living and he is the voice for the business. His website and social media networks are named Essential Natural Living. John is labeled the founder of Essential Natural Living.

As you are thinking about your brand. I want you to really think about your passions in life. What is that you want to do? Products and companies come and go. The purpose for this workshop is to help you build something that you love regardless of what products you choose sell or what company you choose to partner with.

So the first step in branding is to lay out your goals and objectives. What is the purpose of what you want to do? Do you want to find more business builders? More customers? Maybe Both? Know and understand your industry, is there a lot of customers looking for the product that you offer? Know your limits and abilities and that of your team.

You are now the Brand. What you like, what you enjoy, what you are passionate about. Build your business around something that you love and love doing. Connect with others who love the same things.  This is a great way to build trust with an audience. Once you built up trust you can market to your audience. Think as if you are already a successful network marketer. What would that business look like and start building towards that.

Tasks to complete:

1. Find the top earners in your industry that impress you. Get ideas from them. Sign up for their free stuff. Model yourself after them, but be yourself, be unique.

2. Choose a brand name, your name is a good one, but if you want another name, avoid names that are difficult to remember and ones with number in them. Crafty4you vs. Craftyfouryou vs. Kraftyforyou. People may get confused on which one they should remember. Make it easy for them.

3. Define your goals

4. Define your objective

5. Define your message

6. Create a Logo

7. What are your colors and fonts

To help you create your own personal brand, I have create a worksheet for you.

>>Download Self Discovery/Branding Worksheet<<