Top 10 Holiday Scent Blends to Spice up your Crafts

I think one of the hardest choices to make is trying to decide on how to scent your holiday pinecones, bath salts, candles, soaps, room spays. The list goes on…and there are so many combinations to choose from! The options are plenty and completely customizable.

Below you will find 10 amazing scent combinations. Yes! These are all diffuser blends, but who says you can’t scale them up to spice up your holiday gifts? All you have to do is scale it up, like you would when baking a double batch of cookies. For example, if I was making 1 pound of soap with the FALLEN SNOW blend, I would start with 3 drops Siberian Fir, 2 Drops Cardamom, and 2 Drops Clove, then I would add that combination again till I reached the scent strength that I was going for. For a mild soap scent, I would go for 10-25 drops for a Stronger scent 25-50 drops it all depends on the oils I am using.

What are your favorite scent combinations?

*When making this for others please be courteous to those you gift to. Many of our family and friends may have allergies or sensitivities that we know nothing about. It helps to list all the ingredients on a label.
Fallen Snow Diffuser Blend
Holiday Cookies Diffuser Blend
Merry and Bright Diffuser Blend
Merry and Calm Diffuser Blend
Diffuser Blends
Holiday Diffuser Blend
Long Winter's Nap Diffuser Blend
Solstice Celebration Diffuser Blend.