Simple Decorative Blanket Ladder for under $10

No reason to break the bank with this simple DIY. I made this one for $3 and some change, I already had the wood screws on hand so that saved me some money. I love how quick and simple it is to make a ladder. So lets get started.

For this project you will need the following:


Sand paper (optional)

Wood Stain (optional)

Wood Screws

Measuring tape


It is all about the wood! I was walking through my local home improvement store (Lowes) and as I was walking around, I came a cross a section that contained these beautifully inexpensive 8 foot, 1.5 inch boards that were about 0.75 inches thick. They were perfect! I grabbed 2 of them and headed to the check out. They were $1.22 each!

I cut the first 8ft board in half. These are going to be the legs of the ladder. I then carefully cut the remaining board into 7 – 12 inch lengths. They need to be EVEN so that the ladder is straight and without gaps.

I worked on the floor trying to figure out the spacing I wanted to use, and I ended up choose a 7.5 inch space between each of horizontal slats. That measurement was from center to center.

I then pre-drilled 7 holes on each of the ladder’s legs. I marked them as best I could. No tips or tricks here. I just kinda hoped for the best.

I worked all the screws into the wood until they started to barley poke through the other side. I then used those screw tips to poke a tiny hole in the horizontal ladder slates so that I could pre-drill those holes too. It seemed to work just fine. I only put 1 screw in each board per side, 2 screws made be better. My slates do rotate if you try to turn them.

After all the holes were drilled, I finished working the screws the rest of the way in.

I have chosen not to stain or sand mine, perhaps I will sometime down the road! I think it looks great and it works perfectly!


What do you think?

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