Spiritual Counseling Session


I am offering spiritual counseling sessions for free at this time.  If you do find that this service was of value to you, a donation would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

Please schedule your appointment at the following link  https://www.craftyoils.com/booking-page


I know how frustrating it is when you just need to talk someone and there is no one in your life that you can talk to about your experiences. I am willing to be that person for you.

I have discovered many spiritual pitfalls on my path and I am still learning, I am willing to use those experience to help you avoid the same pitfalls.  I have been on this journey my whole life, but only aware since 2019.  I can not see, feel or hear my spirit guides. I believe that was done by design so that I can help guide others who are the same as me. I have learned and still learning to use my intuition and discernment, with a healthy dose of skepticism. There is one truth I can always fall back on and that is that we co-create our own life experience. My goal is to live in a world of possibility following my greatest joy, many call this space the unknown. It is in the unknown where miracles happen all the time.  Living in the unknown takes a lot of trust and faith, but the manifestations are really beautiful.

I have had many mystical experiences most beautiful and loving also some that are not so pleasant. I am aware of ET’s, astral travel, portals, etheric implants, secrets space programs, remote reviewing, abductions, angels, archangels, thought forms, unbodied spirits, conspiracy theory’s/facts, and so on. During your session we can talk about anything you want.  I don’t know anything for certain, but I am open to talking about whatever it is you want to talk about and gifting you my insights.



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