Custom Casserole Glass Etching is a great gift to give all those who are hard to shop for. This is a service I provide and there are a few options.
  1. I can cut out a custom vinyl stencil for you. Then you do the etching with whatever tools you have on the dish of your choosing. The size of the stencil can be changed to fit the dish.
  2. I do the custom vinyl stencil and the etching for you. You provide the casserole dish for me to etch.
  3. I do everything
Option 1: Blank Vintage Sign Layout with Custom name, on a Vinyl Stencil $5.00 + shipping if applicable. Option 2: Add an additional $5.00 for me to etch your dish. Option 3: Add the cost of the casserole dish plus a $5.00 service fee, if I am doing it all. Since this is a custom service project. Please email Jessica at to start your order. Turn around time depends on the season, typically allow at least 2 weeks.