Hello Beautiful Soul,

Before I get to the channeled message from ArchAngel Ariel, I wanted to welcome you to my page. If you are reading this it is not by coincidence. Your guides have brought you here to this post for a reason. This message is for all those earth angels who have reincarnated here to aid Gaia with her ascension.  If you are reading this you are an earth angel either knowingly or unknowingly. You can not perceive that in which you are not a vibrational match to.  Welcome!


I started my spiritual awakening journey in January 2019. I know that for many they started back as early as 2012.  It feels like I have been playing catch up for the past couple of months, I am constantly receiving downloads and transmuting all the negative energy I had been carrying around with me for years at a very rapid rate.

This was my first time channeling and being able to put flow into words. I have always been receiving guidance and profound wisdom, but not at this level of intensity.

I would like to share with you parts of my journey and how this came about. My understanding is that you are about to embark on a similar journey and this may help.

For a few months, I had been wondering about my origins. My guides have helped me to understand that I have as with many, many others have been reincarnated here on earth many times as well as other places. They have also informed me that I am an ascended master from the planet Sirus and that there are many ascended masters here.  You are very likely to be one of them.

On the morning of Friday, September 6, 2019, I went over to help my friend Michelle who is a Reiki Master, create a video for her followers. For the video, she performed her magic on me. She Balanced and cleared my chakras among other energy healing things.  During the session, she felt that I had wings. This is not the first time someone has pointed out to me that I have wings, but this is the first time that I believed.

A Reiki session was the best way I could of started off this particular weekend. You see, my husband had booked me a private weekend getaway in a cabin in the woods overlooking a lake. The timing of everything just makes me shake my head with disbelief at how perfect things are and how divine timing is everything to a beautiful journey.

Cabin in the woods overlooking a lake

September 6, 2019

This beautiful cabin was a 3-hour drive so I had lots of time to think. About halfway through my drive, I got this amazing feeling that I was an archangel. Then a little later the name Ariel came to me.

Just a quick background on me. I grew up not knowing much about any religion. I just knew that none of them felt right for me and that if there is such a thing as angels and prophets and god then everyone would be able to come to that knowledge for themselves and not have to be told what to believe.  So, I had no idea that ArchAngel Ariel was actually an angel that people have written about till I Googled her on Sunday evening when I came home.

It was Saturday, September 7th when I tapped into ArchAngel Ariel. I was painting some woodland creatures for a kid’s growth chart that I am making. While painting I became aware of thoughts that were not my own. The best way I have to describe it visually, just know that I was not seeing through my eyes. During this interaction, I was ArchAngel Ariel and she and I were orchestrating the collective consciousness to get supplies such as food, water, and shelter to those in need.  As negative thoughts came up in the collective we would shift them in a more positive direction.

At one point either she or I said, “Who is that?” I am still not sure who thought the thought.  Here is the message she sent to me through me. During the interaction, I felt like she was addressing the collective, but I also had the feeling that she was introducing herself to me. I perceived her as very happy, upbeat and energetic.

“Hello, I am Archangel Ariel. I am here on the ground with all of you. I am the first of many ground angels to wake up to my full human form. It is so beautiful here and so full of abundance. I see beauty all around me. We are going to have so much fun during this ascension.

We have power in numbers. It is time to wake up our human forms to this next level of knowledge. We have work to do, to bring Gaia up and all those who want to ascend. We are the grounded thought worriers. Spread your wings and allow your high vibration to influence those around you. Stop watching the news. Any negative thoughts shift the collective. New technologies are on the way to help us with our ascension.

We are creators, we are powerful, we are loving, we are one. I love you, let’s have some fun!

Peace, Love, and Happiness for all,”

Archangel Ariel

Now do I believe that I am Ariel? I don’t know for absolute certainty, yet. Maybe that is just how channeling works.  I am however looking forward to more interactions and I promise to be more timely in my posts in the future. After all, timing is everything.