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Hello! I am so happy that you found your way here! I am so excited to share this amazing time with you.  I had the most profound, enlightening kundalini spiritual awakening at the start of 2019, that I am now ready to share, inspire, and empower you! My journey has expanded my awareness and consciousness to the most amazing life experiences, yet, with the best still left to come! These are very exciting times we are in right now.

I have fallen in love with life again and you can too. Do you know how much you are loved? I do. I know you can’t see it yet, but you are surrounded by unconditional love. Our loved ones, spirit guides, our galactic family are all here with us right now, for this great shift that we are going through right now on planet earth.

We are building and creating heaven on Earth right now. Can you see it? What does your heaven on earth look like?

We have to the point where it is time to decide are you going to ascend and contribute to living your highest and best here on Earth? Have you been sucked into the downward spiral of despair, fear, no hope? I am here to help lift you back up. It is at our lowest point where we make the choice to turn things around. Are you ready?

Meditation is the key that unlocks it all.  Now if you are having thoughts like: “I don’t know how to meditate”, “What is the purpose of meditating”, “Meditating is hard” and so on. You are not alone. I thought it was hard, only for Buddhist monks sitting on the hilltop. Little did I know how easy it was. YES! Easy!

The first step is to become aware that you are not the thoughts that you think. You are the conscious awareness of the thoughts. Who are the thoughts talking to anyways?

The second step is to expand your conscious awareness to start to observe the thoughts and eventually choosing the thoughts that you allow in.

This is where meditation comes in. Every time you make the choice to think about something or to not think about it, you are training your mind. You can master this in days, weeks, certainly within a month.  Remember, it is easy.

As you master this some very cool, fun things start to happen.  If you are ready to expand your consciousness, explore spirituality, share creativity, and grow. Join me at  Crafty Oils on Facebook, 5D Living @craftyoils on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

I am a wife and mother, a lightworker, a reiki master, a creative designer, a galactic ambassador, and a part of the ground crew here on Gaia to help raise the vibration for all to ascend. The light has won!

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