I never knew I had anxiety till it was gone.

As far back as I can remember i was very focused and planned everything out accounting for all possibilities. When I packed for a trip, I would pack everything except for the kitchen sink. I was constantly planning, thinking, worrying about what if this what if that. When I planned a party it was all out. I would plan everything out months in advance, I planned out Christmas gifts a year in advance. I thought it was a gift. I also really enjoyed doing it, I never knew it was taking it toll on my body. 

Over the years as I got older, I noticed people (message therapists, chiropractors, a tai chi instructors) telling me to relax. I thought I was. I never knew anything different.
After becoming a new mom, my whole life changed.  I found that my gift was no longer a gift, it was driving me crazy. I found myself worried and stressing over silly things. When trying to fall asleep, my ears would focus on the little sounds that my ceiling fan made. They were most annoying.  It did not help that soon after giving birth I developed post pardon depression from that lack of sleep and pain I was experiencing.
I was desperate for a solution, I started self medicating on pain killers, sleeping pills and caffeine.  I even went to my OBGYN where she prescribed me anti-depressants.  Long story short, the anti-depressants did not work for me.  As the years have passed looking back,  I am not 100% sure that being depressed was my problem. I have come to believe that I was overly tired, in a lot of pain (mentally and physically) and had anxiety.  Maybe grouping all my problems into one category would make it a form of depression, but I rather break it down into the components of the problem and deal with each one individually.
At the time all this was going on, essential oils were just coming into popularity.  I attended an essential oils class and fell in love with the idea of these miracle oils, so I ordered a kit, but never took it any further for about a year.  The oils had just sat on the self in the kitchen, I had no idea what to do or how to use them.   Then finally, I sat down with the person who enrolled me and together we came up with a plan of action, for what oils I was going to use and for how often. After that moment I knew how to start using my oils and how to apply them, I started ordering every single oil available. I became obsessed with my oils. After 4 months of consistent use I had the best day ever. I remember the day very clearly. It was June 22, 2013 my family and I had just finish our first color run. I was pain free and completely happy without worry.  That is a very shortened version. Believe me it was an up hill battle for sure.
It was after this experience that I realized that all my planning, stressing and extreme planning had gone away.  I was calm, relaxed and grounded.  I have found that when ever I start feeling stressed and anxious about something if I apply Balance essential oil blend for a few days they go away.   If you ever wonder if an essential oil is working for you, use it consistently for a few days then skin a couple of days. If you feel like you are missing something, it is likely the essential oil.
What natural remedies do you use? I would love to hear from you.