Fizzing Himalayan Bath Salt

I absolutely love how these look! The layered look is so fun to look at, they are almost to pretty to use.

To make your bath truly your own, choose an essential oil or blend that you would like to experience. Are you looking to relax? Try lavender, roman chamomile or the calming blend.

With essential oils the possibilities are endless which make them great gifts! (When giving essential oil related gifts to others, be sure to advise them what essential oils have been used. Some people may have skin sensitivities to certain essential oils.)

Ingredients for the container shown in photo:

1/2 cup pink Himalayan salt

1/4 cup Epson Salt

1/4 cup baking soda

1/8 cup citric acid

3 TBS. flowers,

5-10 drops skin safe essential oil


Add your choice of essential oil to the Epson salt and mix well. Then add the Citric acid and Baking soda and mix again.

If you would like the layered look, carefully add the Himalayan salt, Epson salt mixture, and flowers one at a time to create a beautiful layered salt bath mixture. When you are ready to use just pour the entire contents into a warm bath and enjoy!

Important Safety Information: Don’t place the ingredients in a container with a screw top lid. I recommend use containers with cork tops or breathable lids. The fizzing part of the recipe (Baking Soda and citric acid) reacts with moisture (water) producing CO2 gas. You want the gas to be able to escape and not build up in your container.