Farmhouse HOME sign Step by step DIY Tutorial

Farmhouse Scrap Wood “HOME” Sign Tutorial

I love wood and sometimes I get little pieces laying around. I hate throwing stuff away when there is a practical use for them. I was inspired by a craft booth who were selling beautiful wood signs and I had an ah ha moment! I could use my scrap wood to make these signs, then I can teach everyone else how to do it to!

For this project you are going to need the following:


Wood cutting tools


Strong glue


Paint Brushes

Metal flower

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I have broken it down for you step by step! I am giving you the directions to make an exact copy!

Step 1

You will need cut the following pieces (my wood was 0.5 inches thick):

4 – 3 inch x 5 inch. These will be horizontal pieces of the “H” and the “E”

5 – 3 inch x 10 inch. These will be the vertical pieces of the “H”, “M” and “E”

2 – 3 inch x 6 inch cut on a 45 degree angle. See photo down below. These will be for the “M”

2 – 1.5 inch x 10.5 inch. These are for the supports on the pallet.

3 – 3.24 inch x 36 inch. Theses are for the building pallet board that the letters attach too.

Step 2

Paint the top and the sides of all the wood pieces. I did a base color of white acrylic paint first

Step 3

After the white paint dried, I applied a very diluted down blue (21482E BIMINI BLUE) paint. I used about 2 dollops of paint to about ¼ cup of water.

Step 4

I then painted each of the boards making sure that I got the top and all the sides.

Step 5

Now you to build the pallet that will be the resting place for your letters. I did not take step by step pictures, sorry about that. I laid out my 3 long pallet boards then attached the 2 support boards to the back with a nail gun. I did this step on a concrete surface so that the nails would get bent inward as they hit the concrete. I then tapped them with a hammer to sink them in flush with the wood. I also spaced my support boards in such a way so that the nails would be covered by the letters.

I was worried the nails could split the wood, but I am pleased to report that, that did not happen. I also made sure to leave a little gap in between each of the boards. My letters are 10 inches long and the flower that I used is 12 inches. I ended up spacing them so that the final width was 10.75 inches.

I also did not do anything else to this wood. No paint, so sanding.

Step 6

Now that you have all the pieces, it is time to assemble everything and glue it down! The glue I used was not a quick setting glue. All my wood pieces started shifting and moving around. So, I weighted them down to hold them in place till the glue had time to cure.

Step 7

Time to Celebrate!

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Thank you and happy crafting,