DIY Sun Catchers


Clear Contact Paper (Clear Shelf Liner)

Construction paper

Tissue Paper cut into squares (I found precut ones at the local dollar store)



When I made my first one of these sun catchers I just feel in love with how easy and how pretty they looked. I knew that my 2 young boys would be able to have fun them and I would be proud to hang them up in my windows. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create and cut a few fancy designs.

STEP 1 Cut the construction paper into the shape that you want to have the sun catcher

STEP 2 Peel the backing off the contact paper and lay it flat with sticky side up. It helps to tape down the edges.

STEP 3 Place the cut construction paper onto of sticky part of the contact paper

STEP 4 Have fun decorating it with the kids by having them place the pieces of tissue paper all over the sticky contact paper.

STEP 5 When all the gaps have been filled in, place another piece of contact paper over all the little pieces of tissue paper. This will look laminated at this point.

STEP 6 Cut out the project and hang in the window