DIY – Earring Holder


The materials needed:

Cork board

Burlap (enough to fit in your frame)

Decorative Metal sheet

Metal snips

Decorative rope cord

Hot glue gun

I am really bad at taking before pictures, sorry.

Find a frame that you would like to turn into an earring holder. This earring holder used to be a mirror.  I found this mirror at the local thrift store for $2.00. It was an ugly gold color; you can see some of the gold in the photo below. I didn’t like the color so I spray painted it black.


Cut the cork board, metal sheet and burlap so that they fit into your frame. The cork board I used was very thin, I wish I would have doubled it to make my earring holder thicker, it would have been nice to have more material to push my earrings into.



Glue down the cork board first. Then glue down the burlap material. Then the metal sheet.

To give the earring holder a finished look I added a decorative  rope cord to the edge. And you are done!