DIY Coal Soap Rocks with Hidden Gems

We all tease about others getting coal in their stockings around the holidays. What if you could give them coal and have them absolutely LOVE the gift you have given them? Not only are these soap rocks fun and easy to make they are great gifts to give as white elephant gifts, to your neighbors and your friends. Who knows they might even ask for you to make them for them to give out to there family and friends too!

For this project you are going to need the following:

A Silicone Heat Safe Mold

Black Melt and Pour Soap

Clear Melt and Pour Soap

Some glass containers (to melt your soap in)

Soap Colorant (if you don’t have black soap)

Soap Safe Scents (I use high quality essential oils)

Snowflake Sparkle Mica Powder

Small Spritz Bottle filled with Rubbing Alcohol

A food Scale

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I have broken it down for you step by step. Here are the steps I did to make 6 coal rocks.

*Tip: Use the small spritz bottle with rubbing alcohol in it. If you spray the melted soap with it, it pops all the air bubbles that are on top of your soap


Measure out 336 grams of Black melt and pour soap. Cut the soap up into cubes and place in a heat safe glass container.

*If you do not have black or could not find any, no worries you can make your own. You will need clear melt and pour soap and a black soap colorant. Melt your soap (I like to use the double boiler method) add your colorant and mix well. The amount of colorant needed will be determined by the colorant you purchased and personal preference.


Measure out 270 grams of Clear melt and pour soap. Cut the soap up into cubes and place in a heat safe glass container.


Set up a double boiler to melt your soap. I used a skillet with about 1-2 inches of water in it on a medium-high heat. Set your glass containers with the soap in them, in the hot water bath. Be careful that your containers with soap don’t tip over. I lost two during this project.


Stir your soap as it melts you want to avoid scorching your soap. Once it has melted you want to remove them from heat. You can always re-melt them as needed. Now is a good time to scent your soap. For my project I did 20 drops of peppermint in the black and 12 in the clear. Watch for a post about how to scent your soap with essential oils.

*Please be safe and courteous when scenting things to give to others. They may have allergies or sensitivities that you may not know about. Check out my post Top 10 Holiday Scent Blends to Spice Up your Crafts for some great scent combinations to try!


Take your melted clear soap and pour about half maybe a little less, into another heat safe glass. Add about ¼ tsp of the Snowflake Sparkle Mica powder to the clear soap you just poured. Mix it well.


Take your soap mold and pour the clear soap into each of the 4 cavities (Fill them only about half way full). Then gently pour the clear soap with the mica powder (about half) in clusters, don’t pour all the Mica powder colored soap. Save some for later.


Let your clear soap you just poured cool down (about 10 minutes in the freezer) You want it hard, but not completely firm. You want to be able to twist it.


After you have let your clear soap cool. Remove it from the mold and break them up by hand into chunks.


At this point you have 4 options.

Option 1: Take the chunks you just made and dip each one in the remaining Mica powder colored soap you saved from earlier.

Option 2: Take the chunks you just made, place them in a Ziplock bag with a little bit of the mica powder. Shake well.

Option 3: Do a combination of options 1 and 2. This is what I did. I was doing option 1 then my soap fell over in the water bath, so I did option 2 with the rest of my chunks.

Option 4: Skip this step (Top Chunk has been dipped in the mica powder colored soap, the bottom one has not)


Spritz each of the little chunks with rubbing alcohol as you set them into the mold. The rubbing alcohol will help the eliminate the air bubbles and will help the soaps come together.

*Don’t worry the mica powder washes off in the sink very easily.


Place your chunks into your heat safe silicone mold and gently pour your melted black soap over them to fill out the rest of the mold. Let them sit over night!


Congratulations you are done! Now you can give them away as they are, or you can cut off all the edges to make them look more like rocks.

If you were wondering each of the 6 cavities in the mold (the blue one) that I used hold about 120 grams of melt and pour soap.

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Thank you and happy crafting!


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