DIY Christmas Star Lantern Tutorial and Design Download

It’s not a Christmas tree till it has a star on top, well that is what my 6 year old tells me anyways. LOL! I do love this star though, and it does make a great Christmas star.

For this project you will need:

Christmas Star Lantern Download (SVG File)

12×12 inch Heavy Cardstock

1-2 Sheets of Vellum or lightweight transparent paper

Craft Bond Spray Adhesive (Like this)

Double sided tape

Paper glue pen  (Like this)

Hot glue gun (Like this)


Paper/vinyl cutting machine (I like this one)


Load, cut and weed the 3D Christmas Star design. The download is in a SVG format so it should be compatible with whatever cutting machine you are using.

Once you have your star pieces cutout and weeded. You will want to fold them along the perforated seams before you glue in the vellum triangle pieces.

When adding the vellum triangles, I have found that individual pieces works better that a solid chunk. I also found the if you are very careful with Craft Bond adhesive spray, the fancy star cutouts stick well to the vellum and makes a nice bond between both pieces.

The most complicated part was the final star assemble. I found that putting double sided tape on all the joining pieces, then hot gluing them together worked the best. I found that it takes a calm hand and a little bit of patience, but it is well worth it.

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